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The October 2021 Apple Event

One of the countless side effects of the pandemic has been on public events: inviting hundreds of journalists to a corporate PR event, much less thousands of developers to a conference, simply wasn't happening in 2020. And so exhibitors had to get creative, or, more typically, had to cancel such events altogether.


Chuckellania for October 15th, 2021

Luna Display is adding Windows, which, yeah, of course they are. That was exactly the right move to make. Apple sherlocked their main feature — treating an iPad as an additional display for your Mac — as "Sidecar" in macOS 10.15 Catalina, and they dit the thing that makes sense for everyone: cover the 90% use case for their own user base. This leaves Astropad/Luna Display to figure out how to focus on the remaining 10%, and they have.


Chuckellania for October 14th, 2021

The anti-cheat arms race in PC gaming has reached… kernel modules.