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Live Unit Testing

I've been dabbling on and off with Visual Studio's Live Unit Testing feature. Introduced in 2017, it's arguably a sherlocking of NCrunch, with all that entails: a first party implements something that used to be a third party's business model, and also gets to integrate it better (since, y'know, they're the first party). I hope the NCrunch folks are doing well.


Chuckellania for November 3rd, 2021

unicode is complicated because languages are complicated because people are complicated


Chuckellania for November 2nd, 2021

IHateRegex has another regular expressions playground. I was more familiar with RegExr and regex101, and, back in the day when Silverlight still ran on macOS, I enjoyed running Regex Hero's online tester. Because it was written in Silverlight, it matched .NET's regex engine precisely, because, well, that's what it was running on.