Chuckellania for November 2nd, 2021

Published on Thursday, November 11, 2021

IHateRegex has another regular expressions playground. I was more familiar with RegExr and regex101, and, back in the day when Silverlight still ran on macOS, I enjoyed running Regex Hero's online tester. Because it was written in Silverlight, it matched .NET's regex engine precisely, because, well, that's what it was running on.

I briefly dabbled in using WebAssembly (mono-wasm1) to add .NET support, and made a proof of concept, but never quite bothered to optimize and merge it into some public website.

IHateRegex looks neat, but has significant differences from .NET (and doesn't appear to support named groups at all, a feature I use heavily), and has some very odd/annoying behavior with arrow keys, so, back to one of the two others I go.


Today in features so hard to discover, most users (including me) will conclude they don't exist, so why even bother implementing them at all.

(For me, it only shows tabs from one device, which is already broken enough, but also, that device hasn't been my current phone for weeks.)

I'd love for someone to benchmark the result of building Roslyn.sln on:

  • macOS, running dotnet CLI
  • Windows on ARM, virtualized, running dotnet CLI
  • Windows on ARM, virtualized, running Visual Studio 2022, emulated

Haven't yet gotten a clear picture of just how bad the performance drop is.

(Assume a 32 GiB RAM machine with, say, 16 GiB reserved for the VM. Maybe 20, if that helps.)

I remember noticing this with my 2013 MacBook Pro back then, and I also noticed this much more recently with my iPhone 13: Apple really invests in those internal speakers, and the 2021 MacBooks Pro are no exception.

Why they care so much, I'm not quite sure. Maybe because they can. Those speakers aren't good enough for professional needs, and perhaps never will be. But perhaps they're just good enough now for professional preview purposes?

  1. Mono, yes, but technically not Blazor, because I wanted to keep it lightweight.