Chuckellania for October 29th, 2021

Published on Sunday, October 31, 2021

A thread on how 1990s' transphobic humor in shows such as Ace Ventura and South Park has caused harm to that generation, and how we're risking repeating that mistake today.

Oh yeah, it's fall.

Rebrands rarely work.

The good news about Meta is that these kinds of rebrands never work. Philip Morris will never be known as Altria. Alphabet will always be Google, divisions be damned. Xfinity will always be Comcast. Qwikster, well, Netflix was just smart and killed Qwikster.

(As a somewhat tongue-in-cheek counterpoint, I bring up that nobody calls IBM by its original name any more.)

Steve Shives discusses how Trek fans are a fairly broad spectrum, and some may find Lower Decks very funny, while others barely react at all, and that's OK.

Personally, of the Kurtzman-era Trek shows I've watched, I've found Lower Decks's characters the most intriguing so far; certainly more so than most of Discovery's, but also more so than many of Picard's. I want to know more about people Boimler and Mariner and the others. And I occasionally find the show quite funny! However, having watched all of season 1, I haven't found any of the stories particularly interesting, and some of them outright dumb.

And yet: I'm happy there's lots out there for others to enjoy.

The first message was sent over ARPANET (which became the Internet) 52 years ago today.