Blog ToDos

Published on Thursday, October 7, 2021

The world's worst to-do list, and also kind of an FAQ, for this very blog you're reading:

  • Do we need footnotes? We need footnotes, right?* Update: Done!
  • Smart quotes?
  • Automatic title case?
  • Previews? Open Graph, Twitter Cards, etc.?
  • I don't know if this has an RSS feed, and if so, if it works, and if so, if anyone still cares.
  • I probably need to crosspost this somewhere for eNgAgEmENT. I'm thinking separate accounts on Twitter and Mastodon, with the occasional retweet/boost on my main account.
  • Comments aren't a today, at least for now. Not only because they considerably complicate the tech stack, but also I'm not sure they're a great medium. Do @ me on Twitter or Mastodon, though! Unless I'd rather you don't. Then don't. But do.
  • What about importing old posts? Hopefully probably maybe at some point.
  • Most importantly: kick my butt to keep doing this for a while.

* we need footnotes